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AE86’s just don’t get better than this, so pink, yet so hard!

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The fact is there will never be a time when metalflake will not be cool. – Will Carter 20/08/2010 23:58

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This Datsun 910 is pretty hard to classify as a style, the arches and stance are very much Shakotan inspired, however the exhaust, loud paint and high rear spoiler point towards maybe a Bosozoku or Garuchan evolution in this car’s future. It would be interesting to see how it ended up looking or if the owner continued the mash-up of styles. Whatever style it is, the colour and stance are spot on and it’s certainly one of the better 910’s I’ve seen.

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Living proof that all you need for an insanely cool car is a heroes ride height and the perfect set of wheels. This formula could work on just about any 1980’s 5-door saloon. Shakotan Lada Riva anyone?

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Lowdown Spirit?

What is Lowdown Spirit about? Well for me personally, it is just a place for me to post everything I like about the Japanese modified car culture in one place. A lot of the stuff you will see on this page will be reposted from elsewhere, I’m not trying anything revolutionary here, just to make a place that I and hopefully others can gain inspiration from. In this blog you will from time to time see some Japanese terms used to describe certain cars, below is a brief glossary as to what I mean when I use these terms.

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